Discover Why Animals Do What They Do

Learn the fascinating facts behind animal

If you want to know the reason behind your pet’s habits and personality characteristics, or why certain insects or wildlife behave as they do, or if you’re making a study of animal behavior, then Dr. Con’s Animal Behavior Course will intrigue you with factual insights into the mind of animals.

Excellent for students studying animal behavior, this 314 page course consists of 11 easy to read college lectures covering key animal behavior concepts. Get a head start and an added advantage by including Dr. Con’s Animal Behavior Course in your studies.

Free of jargon and written in plain English, it’s also suited for pet trainers or pet behaviorists, as well as anyone who wants a better knowledge of why animals do the things they do.

Specifically formatted to relieve eye strain and blurring, pages are written with plenty of
white space and are free of closely packed sentences.

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Here are some of the many fun topics you’ll learn in this course

  • Why can you walk your dog, but not your cat?
  • Why do cats hunt birds even when they’re well-fed?
  • Why are brightly colored animals bad to eat?
  • Why can’t your horse eat any old plant?
  • Why are some spiders used in drug testing labs?
  • Should you treat your dog as an equal partner?
  • If you move somewhere and leave your cat behind, will your cat come and find you?
  • Why does your male cat wrinkle his lip when he smells a female cat?
  • What’s the right way to teach a dog to sit?
  • Should you bring a puppy home when she’s only 4 – 5 weeks old?

By understanding your pet a greater bond is formed between you, and both of your lives are enriched. Understanding wild animals is not only fascinating, but brings a respect and awe not experienced by those lacking these insights.


In Dr. Con’s Animal Behavior Course your
knowledge will soar when exploring:

  • How animals find their food
  • Why some animals are brightly colored while others are dull
  • Why birds sing
  • How do animals find mates
  • What are the different ways that animals learn
  • How do animals communicate
  • Are there animal languages
  • What are the different kinds of social animals

Meet Dr. Con

A true authority of animal behavior, Dr. Con Slobodchikoff is Professor Emeritus of Biology at Northern Arizona University and CEO of Animal Communications, Ltd.

He’s been featured in numerous news media articles and interviews, including magazines such as Smithsonian Magazine and National Geographic.

A joint production by BBC and Animal Planet did a one-hour documentary of his work, shown in 2010 by BBC TV in Europe and in 2011 on Animal Planet as part of the Mutual of Omaha
Wild Kingdom series.

Besides his Dr. Con’s Animal Behavior Course, he is also the lead author of the book, Prairie Dogs: Communication and Community in an Animal Society (Harvard University Press, 2009), and is author of Chasing Doctor Dolittle (St. Martin’s Press, scheduled for release on November 27, 2012).

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